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  1. cosmocanuck


    Hi! I've long wondered why there is no built-in way to add an email link. The only option when you click the link icon is for an HTML page. You have to manually change the initial code from "http://" to "mailto:".

    Naturally I can do this easily, but I don't want my clients to have to.

    A simple popup option of "website" or "email address", which would then populate the field with either "http://" or "mailto:" would seem like a trivial thing to include.

    What's more, given that ease-of-use for the end user is supposed to be a major selling point of WordPress, it's surprising that this quite basic thing is not addressed. Adding a linked email address is a pretty common thing.

    Is there perhaps a plugin which adds this feature?

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  2. Gestroud

  3. Jen
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    It is more common for users to use a contact form than to embed mailto links, since mailto links usually wind up with the recipient getting massively spammed. In addition to the plugin mentioned by gestroud, there are a number of good contact form plugins.

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