Download option for a photo gallery

  1. paul@15


    WordPress for a photo gallery is great, but ...
    Where is the plugin to easily download the photo's you want into a ZIP file?
    That would be great for (registered) users of your photo-album !

    What I would like is:
    - A checkbox under each thumbnail to check the thumbnail(s) you want
    - A button 'add to favorites' to add the selected thumbnails to you favorites
    - An option from within your favorites to easily download the original photos (as zipfile), to a selected path on you computer
    - Two buttons within your favorites, one for deleting the selected photos and the other to delete all photos from within favorites.

    The photogallery Coppermine already has such a plugin, named 'album_fav_boxes'. WordPress could maybe benefit from that existing plugin.

    I'm looking forward towards this improvement.
    Lets make WordPress and the use of your gallery even better!

    Greetings Paul.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  2. arunramanunnni


    photo gallery is great must add download options with simple prices

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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