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  1. Nice_one

    The best thing to do is changing the role of the user you want to disable. If you want to band IP simply login to your CPanel ==> Security ==> Ip Deny manager. All you need to do add the ip and click add and it wont be able to visit your website until you remove the banned.

    On more thing if the visitor changing the last digits of his IP



    Then band 208.86.198 only and he want be able to come to your website even if he change them.

    You can banned as many as you want from your Cpanel.

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  2. Hello All,

    Today i developed and uploaded a plugin as you wanted...

    It manage the status of the user i.e. active or inactive permanently or for certain period of time...kept it quite simple

    Follow the below url:


    Posted: 3 years ago #
  3. I just wanted to add to this for anyone who finds this via Google while searching on disabling user accounts.

    Most of the existing solutions (some mentioned above) are rather poor. You don't need a plugin that creates a new table in your database just to disable users. Removing the role trick works, but seems like a hack.

    Regardless, it's actually not hard to do. I ended up writing a plugin that does just that. It disabled the user account and it's simple - as in there is ONE setting simple. No plugin settings page, no adding new tables, no modifying your user listings screen - just the ability to disable user accounts.


    Posted: 2 years ago #
  4. robbell99

    "No role for this site" simply DOESN'T work - I have tried this - it DOES NOT block a user login. Any other ideas?

    Posted: 1 year ago #

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