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  1. zoleytaylor


    It is really annoying when you write something, and WordPress gives you something totally different.

    I do want to display that characters on the output what I inputted by my keyboard. I know enough about typography, but I think, web content is not what it is about. I know the differences between the usage of hyphen and dashes, but it's a fact that dashes are not search-/finder-safe. And the same situation with "curly" quotation marks. If you use the browser text finder on a WordPress page and type an ordinary "typewriter" quotation mark, it fails, you will not find any... Website texts are not for being decorative and typographically valid, they are for being functional, usable. Think about it, please... (WYWIWYWTS. What you write is what you want to see.)

    Now I have to use the remove_filter() function on everything with 'wpautop', 'wptexturize', 'convert_chars', 'convert_smilies'... These functions are everywhere, in posts, in comments, in rss feeds, in wp_title, etc...

    There should be at least an option to completely disable these auto formatting functions. This time there is one, to disable smilies. (Y) :P

    Posted: 8 years ago #
  2. poimenJohn


    I agree.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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