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  1. Sebastyne

    This is a constant headache for me, and I believe for a lot of other people, too. When bulk editing posts in post list view, it is possible to edit posts adding tags, categories, and post status etc. However, REMOVING a category assignment from several posts is impossible. This includes the situation when you want to remove the 'Uncategorized' assignment from posts you just added to a category.

    In many other programs in a similar situation, you'd see the tick grayed out if there are posts assigned to this category, but not all of the selected posts belong into this category. You'd click it once to turn it black to add all posts in bulk into that category and click it twice to remove the tick and thus the selected category assignment from all of the selected posts.

    This feature has been suggested before, but there's no plugin to do it, (as it seems like an over-reaction to create or add a plugin to do this), but it is a constant annoyance that it can't be done.

    Related idea: It would be helpful if the default category assignment would be automatically removed if the post belongs into another category.

    This seems like a long way to explain a tiny feature, but it seems that before when people have asked for this, they've been instructed how to delete the entire category, not just the category assignment.

    (Tip: Removing the uncategorized category from posts that have been bulk categorized can be done by changing the default post category in Settings-> Writing, then deleting the uncategorized category completely, automatically moving all now uncategorized posts to the new default category.)

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