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  1. Ben Hansen


    "In most UX testing I've seen done, the dash is used to say "There are more items under this master option, and you have selected SOME of them""

    That's exactly what i meant by ambiguous, not that its unclear whats happening. :) Every time i have talked to anyone (core people or just normal people not involved in the project at all) about this, there has never been any confusion about what should be done. @helen provided an alternative in that ticket but i've never heard anyone actually lobby for that, probably because it would require the user to have a homogeneous post selection in order to work which is sorta cumbersome and not exactly obvious to put things nicely.

    The other trac ticket you linked to is for tags and i think mixing these two concepts is where things get messy because tags can be anything but i really don't think there is any argument when it comes what should be done with categories. What i see is consensus. :) Again this is an accepted UI convention in many other apps, just not ours.

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  2. I think you think I'm arguing AGAINST this. I'm not. I'm explaining the situation, pointing out the difficulties in why it's not done yet (part code, part UX testing which hasn't happened), and... attempting to link to the relevant tickets.

    If you want to code this, go forth! :) I'm for it. It's not a walk in the park, though, and it needs someone who really CAN test this and see if it's as usable as you think it is.

    I don't think accepted UI conventions are, over all, that reliable a benchmark, and really any time we change any expected behavior to NEW, we MUST test it. WP is used by too many people to just assume we know best :) That's all I'm saying.

    Someone make it, someone get a LOT of people to test it, make sure it's what we think it is, and then off we go.

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  3. Ben Hansen


    Sure, no i know you aren't against it, i just feel like it's a shame such a commonly and consistently requested feature (as measured by the responses to this thread as well as the number of and frequency of duplicate tickets mentioned on 11302) has still not been implemented and that we are still talking about it instead.

    If i could program at all, i would have probably done this a while ago since it would probably have been less calories burned than what i have done to lobby for it by now. :P

    Posted: 2 years ago #

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