Delete Permanently shouldn't be so easily miss-clickable

  1. ctrlaltdelete


    On the dashboard when viewing all posts the option "Delete Permanently" is literally 5 pixels away from "edit", "quick edit" and "view".
    I now accidentally permanently deleted a post.
    Sure i got the content back but lost all the stats of the post, views, comments, post ratings, etc.

    Why must it be there? This a very powerful and powerful feature. My suggestion is to switch that to the "move to trash" option instead.


    Posted: 10 months ago #
  2. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    On a standard WordPress, there is no "Delete Permanently" link on the posts page. There's a TRASH one. You must be using a plugin.

    Edit: There IS one on the TRASH page, but its literally two options - Restore and Delete Permanently.

    Posted: 10 months ago #

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