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    How about teaming up with phpMyAdmin and become the ultimate CMS, blog admin, database admin, etc tool around! I don't know much about those guys over there, but they are everywhere. WP runs on a database, so this only makes sense for the future right?

    I was thinking of the way Akismet is kind of side project and always a default plugin, there could also be something like a "Enable phpMyAdmin" plugin as a default installation. There could be an integrated version of phpMyAdmin that does not need to be installed by default, but merely an enabler script if a person chooses to use it.

    phpMyAdmin wants more users as much as WordPress, and a teamup just makes sense in this regard. phpMyAdmin doesn't want to be a blog, and WordPress doesn't want to be a database manager, but working together they could rule the web! HAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA... ha

    Most devs use it anyway, it's everywhere, there is a plugin for it already (too heavy), a lightweight integrated version would be wondrous, and did I mention it just makes sense?

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