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  1. witnwisdumb


    WordPress automatically notifies authors of new comments on their posts. This feature is very useful, but the automatic email that WordPress sends authors SHOULD be customizable, especially as far as including information such as commentor's IP/email address is concerned.

    On community-blogs where several users contribute, it would be a violation of commentors' privacy if their IP/email is freely sent to anybody's post they choose to comment on.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  2. John Blackbourn


    You're quite right, I like this idea.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  3. geltoorch

    Please do add this-- it would not be very difficult to implement and would save a lot of headache for the situation described above.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

  4. Inactive

    I built a plugin that allows you to customize the email WordPress automatically sends when a comment is approved.


    Posted: 7 years ago #
  5. HamsterHuey

    Thanks frenchsquared. Will try that out.

    Posted: 7 years ago #
  6. John James Jacoby
    BuddyPress/bbPress Lead

    For everyone interested in this idea, how do you propose to allow a site-admin to customize the notification email contents, and still allow that text to be localized and translated? :)

    The reason for the static text at the moment is because it can be translated in the xx_XX.pot translation file. I'd love to hear ideas on how to allow dynamic text options to be available.

    Posted: 7 years ago #

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