Customize widget position maker GUI plugin -GSoC-2014[Project_Proposal]-WordPres

  1. kelumputha

    Personal Details
    Name: Kelum Priyadarshana
    Email: kelumpriyadarshanakp@gmail.com
    Personal Website: http://kelums.wordpress.com/
    Skype ID or GTalk: kelum.kanthaka(skype) and (Gtalk)
    IRC nick: no
    Phone number: +94716248148
    School Name: University of Colombo School of Computing
    Years completed: 2nd year
    PHP Experience Level: intermediate
    WordPress Experience Level: with 1year experience, current user
    Project Description
    Link to project description on WordPress-powered blog:
    Describe your idea in detail: Customize module position maker GUI plugin
    I’m working with WordPress since over year, when I’m using it I had a problem to make new position for its widgets and plugins. So if someone wants to make new position in current WP theme we can use this plugin to create that position. Easily he can customize those position using this GUI based plugin .due to this kind of plugin We can do famous WordPress and FOSS more than today. Not only that it will reduce weakness of WordPress has.
    This is an idea I’ve come up with: I tried to make new php and XML based GUI plugin to make this happen
    Plugin, theme, or core: this is meant to exist as a plugin or to be included in the core of WordPress as a patch.
    Anticipated challenges: this is burning problem to me .so I need achieve my goal I Believe my self

    Potential mentors: No preference.
    Schedule of Deliverables
    Milestones and deliverables schedule:
    * Month/Date - Revise project plan with mentor, set up development environment 2014-04-21
    * Month/Date - structure plugin, begin coding 2014-04-28
    * Month/Date - Submit first draft code for review 2014-05-21
    I have semester end exam in june and july of 2014 I hope to complete project before that .
    Other commitments: 3rd year Group Project
    Open Source Development Experience
    PHP Experience: had over 1 year experience in web development with PHP
    WordPress Experience: had over 1 year experience in web development with WordPress CMS
    other Open Source/Free Software Experience: Ubuntu , VLC , Mobile Partner , Joomla

    Work Experience
    Work Experience :

    IT Glossary Project
    Wakit ad-hoc based chatting program

    Academic Experience
    Academic Institution: University of Colombo .Colombo, Western Province , Sri Lanka
    Current Program: BSc in Computer Science, 3nd year candidate, etc).
    Anticipated Graduation: 2015
    Academic Performance:
    IEEE Xtreme 6.0 Participation
    IEEE Xtreme 7.0 Participation[ world Rank- 283]
    SLITT CodeFest Mini Hackthon 2013 Participation
    GSoC for Credit: NO

    Name Email
    Dr.D.A.S. Atukorale aja ucsc.cmb.ac.lk
    Mr.K.P.M.K. Silva mks ucsc.cmb.ac.lk
    Dr.K.P. Hewagamage kph ucsc.cmb.ac.lk
    Dr.A. R. Weerasinghe arw ucsc.cmb.ac.lk

    Why WordPress
    I’m applying to work with WordPress during GSoC because: I need to improve potential of WordPress; with new innovative thing WordPress will be awesome
    After GSoC, envision of my involvement with WordPress will be: definitely it will Ongoing. I’m current user as well as I like to be contributor as well .

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