Custom Taxonomy Meta Boxes

  1. Bob Gregor


    Custom post types benefit from having meta boxes - so why shouldn't devlopers be able to extend taxonomies with meta boxes as well?

    This will give the ability for me to create a custom post type, and have it sorted by taxonomy, and have each taxonomy add meta data to the post types, based on their classification in the taxonomy.

    Take a look at this example: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/wordpress/introducing-wordpress-3-custom-taxonomies/

    And imagine that you wanted to add a featured image to the PC taxonomy, allowing meta boxes to be registered for custom taxonomies would enable this functionality.


    • Provide a hook for developers to add meta information to custom taxonomies, consistent with custom post types
    • Provide an update_taxonomy_meta($taxonomy_id, $key, $value) function to manage the data.
    Posted: 3 years ago #
  2. Bob Gregor


    I'd love to contribute this to WordPress core - any guidance on how to integrate this idea into the WordPress framework?

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  3. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    Start by joining http://lists.automattic.com/mailman/listinfo/wp-hackers :) They'd be able to get you started with this.

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  4. Zeb

    No more meta boxes please.

    It seems like a jungle in the back-end when you are using several meta boxes. Let the admin place the boxes in order or group them in a reliable manner.

    The best thing is to be able to integrate and group custom fields, buttons and check boxes in the WP itself. in other word, somehow, group the boxes.

    Posted: 3 years ago #

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