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  1. KAShirow

    I encountered similar effects in the past, caused by IE and Opera bugs which make them incorrectly apply padding to tables. The result was that the calendar cells accumulated padding and caused extra blank space beyond normal page space and thus a scrollbar.
    Putting overflow: hidden; in the #menu in css solves the problem, but it was weeks until I found this. :)

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  2. pepijndevos

    A bundle of plugins that turn your blog into your private federated social network.

    This plugin is still under development!

    OStatus for WordPress turns your blog into a federated social network. This means you can share and talk to everyone using the OStatus protocol, including users of Status.net/Identi.ca and WordPress.com

    For more information about OStatus visit OStatus.org

    This plugin bundles a few other plugins it requires to work, theses are installed automatically unless you have them already installed.

    The plugin requires:

    1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Check all the needed plugins are there and activated through the settings-page

    can I help you?

    yes please!


    • some small fixes


    • WordPress 3.1 support


    • added functionality


    • initial version

    Helping out

    You can help! This plugin bundles a few plugins theta implement parts of the OStatus specification.

    If you are the author of a relevant plugin, or are planning one, contact us to get it included in this bundle.

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  3. Franz Josef Kaiser


    Too bad i can't rate your answer with 5 stars...

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  4. Franz Josef Kaiser


    Btw: I made a "test purpose" plugin and posted in on github/gist: https://gist.github.com/671743

    In case someone wants to jump in for developing a 3.x compatible stylesheet: contact me. Thanks!

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  5. openplatform

    The Guardian News Feed plug-in enables you to publish articles by the Guardian directly to your blog.

    You can contribute to the development over at Github - https://github.com/bluedaniel/The-Guardian-News-Feed.

    This plugin enables you to publish Guardian articles directly to your blog.

    Here are some of the things it does:

    • Browse and search for articles to publish

    • Post articles (or 'Save to Drafts') directly from your 'Posts' admin panel

    • Automatic check-in and replace to make sure you have published the most current version of the article

    When publishing articles from the Guardian, please adhere to our publishing guidelines, and be aware of the Terms and Conditions. Guidelines appear in the plug-in admin panel and the T&Cs are on our web site, but here are some reminders:

    • Changes. You mustn't remove or alter the text, links or images you get from us.

    • Key. If you don't have a key, get one here: http://open-platform.theguardian.com. It's required. If you do have one, please don't share it or use it anywhere else.

    • Deletions. Sometimes but very rarely we have to remove articles. When that happens, this plug-in will replace the Guardian content within your blog post with a message saying that the content is not available anymore.

    This plug-in is designed to be used as is. We have several ways of working with partners if you want to do something different. Find out more here:


    If you have ideas on how to improve the plug-in or other things we could do with WordPress, please join the conversation here:


    Kind Regards, Daniel Levitt daniel.levitt@guardian.co.uk Guardian News & Media Ltd

    You can find installation instructions here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/open-platform/news-feed-wordpress-plugin

    How do I obtain a key?

    Click 'Get a Key' on the Guardian's Open Platform web site here: http://open-platform.theguardian.com

    You will need to register, tell us about your blog, and agree to the Terms and Conditions. You will automatically receive a key which can then be used to enable this plug-in.

    I have more questions. How can I get answers?

    There is a Google Group where you can post questions here: http://open-platform.theguardian.com



    • Major bug fix regarding Content API not accepting empty 'q' parameter


    • Added ordering options.
    • Preparing to add an 'advanced search' feature


    • Updated the API to v2
    • Added section filters
    • Improved messaging and table layout


    • Added link to plugin settings on main plugin page.


    • Bug fixes


    • Fixing Github link!


    • Adding Github link


    • Big fix for API change of fields
    • Images being imported into posts fixed
    • Rendering of search results fixed


    • Replace use of short_tags with full tags to improve windows compatibility


    • Security fix for a cross-site scripting vulnerability in the admin pages


    • Headline is now included in the body so you can write your own blog title
    • Headlines / Excerpts & Tags are not over-written in any scenario
    • Guardian short URL is replaced with the long URL
    • Improved compatibility with WordPress versions


    • Relies more on WordPress functions (less error prone)
    • Bug fix to allow filtering by section
    • Give thumbnails fixed width and height
    • Modified refresh function to remove post revisions on published posts.
    • Changed image for reverse Guardian logo
    • Improved version control


    • Bugfix: A critical bug with the daily refresh was found and fixed.
    • Some minor text changes


    • Plug-in released. This beta release is the first version.
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  6. ilya_compman

    Добавляет к постам виджет «Мне нравится» из социальной сети ВКонтакте (vk.com).

    Плагин позволяет добавлять кнопку «Мне нравится» из социальной сети ВКонтакте (vk.com) к каждой записи в блоге. Плагин имеет некоторое количество настроек, перед использованием необходимо создать приложение ВКонтакте.

    This plugin adds like widget of social network VK.com to your posts.

    Для работы плагина необходимо подключить свой блог на этой странице. После создания приложения необходимо скопировать ID приложения на странице настроек (приложение можно найти здесь).

    For installation please register at social network vk.com and create application. Then copy your app ID and paste it in plugin's settings.


    • new features: button height
    • readme fix


    • mini bug-fixes


    • Исправлена ошибка, при которой PHP ругался на уже отосланные заголовки
    • Плагин теперь добавляет описание страницы в публикуемое сообщение
    • Исправлена ошибка, приводящая к отображению текста кода плагина на главной странице
    Posted: 6 years ago #

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