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  1. avengercn

    A simple plugin used to display your blog entries on a ajax timeline. Just like the googlemaps.

    A simple plugin used to display your blog entries on a ajax timeline. Just like the googlemaps.

    1. Upload the whole directory pressline to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    2. Change the directory pressline access to 777 vip your ftp client or ssh client(windows server user can ignore this step).
    3. Activate PressLine through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
    4. Upload pressline.tpl.php to your current used theme directory, your can change this file content to change the timeline style.
    5. Write a new page called PressLine, use the page template called PressLine, keep empty content then publish it.
    6. Well done.

    Feature List


    Version Date Changes 0.1 2007-10-08 Initial release

    Special Thanks

    mulberry: http://yanfeng.org/blog/

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  2. billifer

    Authors and commenters type their email addresses in the usual format, but eMob makes it difficult for spammers to detect and harvest them.
    • (v. 1.1) Now works with PHP 4

    This plugin sits snugly inside your WordPress installation and silently but effectively makes it very difficult for spambots to harvest email addresses from your WordPress-powered blog. This is accomplished with a combination of WordPress filter hooks and a little bit of JavaScript.

    After installation, visitors to the site will see email addresses as one of two formats:

    1. A fake email address with a message telling them to hover the mouse over the address to see the actual one in a human-readable format;

    2. If the browser is JavaScript-enabled, all email addresses appearing on your blog will appear to the casual visitor as normal, valid, and correct addresses, but spambots will have difficulty reading these addresses because execution of JavaScript is required to see the real address in this format.

    The plugin is active in both the content section and the comments section: if a visitor inadvertently (or intentionally) posts a valid email address in a comment, it will be protected by this plugin as well.

    Unzip the file into your wp-content/plugins directory. In your wp-admin screen, activate the plugin. Easy as pie!

    Planned enhancements

    • Pick your own mumbo-jumbo format! Do you prefer user at example dot com or user (at) example /dot\ com or u-s-e-r@NOSPAM.e+x+a+m+p+l+e~com? With the next version, you can decide for yourself.
    • Turn on/off obfuscation in the comments section.
    • Make automatic address linking a customizable option.


    The idea for this plugin came from Allan Odgaard, the developer of the best text editor on the planet -- TextMate -- who had incorporated this functionality into TextMate but expressed a desire on his blog for a WordPress plugin to accomplish this task.

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  3. This plugin adds a widget to display your upcoming events (gigs) from Last.FM on your WordPress blog (using the hCal Microformat).

    This plugin adds a widget to display your upcoming events (gigs) from Last.FM, with options for displaying full venue details, linking, etc. Events are displayed using valid hCal Microformat code (makes no difference to the display, but plays nicer with the web in general).

    This plugin is still in development, but is stable enough that I use it on my own blog. Once other people have used it successfully for a while I'll feel happier labelling it stable.

    Please feel free to try the plugin on previous versions of WordPress, I think it may work on 2.2, maybe lower.

    Please let me know how you get on.

    1. Upload lfm_events.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Add the widget to a sidebar, and configure the options (at the least, you need to tell it your LastFM username)

    1.1b * BUG FIX: Corrected the time descriptions (previously it would state "in 3 months, 5 months", obviously wrong)


    I'm simply noting requests here, I've not necessarily looked into how possible any of these are or how much effort they might require.

    • BUG REPORT: A lot of the timestamps for events aren't correct therefore, you see "495 months ago." because it shows a timestamp of 1969 for some reason even though the dates are correct on last.fm. Is there a way you could have it to just display the date instead of trying to calcuate the time until? (Reported by Mike)
    • REQUEST: Would it be possible to have the link to last.fm events open in a new window so it will not load over top of the blog? (Requested by Mike)
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  4. ljmacphee

    Displays a link list of posts in a specific category

    Displays a link list of posts in a specific category

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  5. scibuff

    This plugin offers two WordPress widgets through which users can display data from their accounts on Galaxy Zoo.

    This plugin offers two WordPress widgets through which users can display data from their accounts on Galaxy Zoo.

    The first widget, 'Galaxy Zoo', display general stats such as the username, the date the user joined Galaxy Zoo, the number of galaxy classifications and the latest classified galaxy.

    The second widget, 'Galaxy Zoo Favorites', displays thumbnail images of galaxies the user selected as his/er favorites (using the Galaxy Zoo's My Galaxies page - http://galaxyzoo.org/my_galaxies)

    Both widget are completely customizable via the widget's control panel and style-able via a separate css file(s).

    Galaxy Zoo is an online astronomy project which invites members of the public to assist in classifying over a million galaxies. It is an example of Citizen science as it enlists the help of members of the public to help in scientific research.

    The Galaxy Zoo files contain almost a quarter of a million galaxies which have been imaged with a camera attached to a robotic telescope the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (http://www.sdss.org/)


    • PHP 5.2.0 or newer (SimpleXml required)
    • WordPress 2.8 or newer
    1. Upload the plugin files to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Add the Galaxy Zoo and Galaxy Zoo Favorites widgets to your sidebar via the widgets control panel (Appearance -> Widgets)

    It is recommened to check the box next to "Use AJAX" improve the loading time of your blog (if AJAX is disabled, the Galaxy Zoo data will be loaded before a blog page is displayed, which could add several seconds to the load time)

    How do I get the plugin work with my Galaxy Zoo account

    As of the moment, only selected beta testers from Galaxy Zoo forums were given API keys required by the plugin to access Galaxy Zoo account data. If you would like to stay informed and be notified when the plugin becomes available to the general public, sign-up at Galaxy Zoo Forums (http://www.galaxyzooforum.org/).

    How do I change the background on the AJAX preloader

    The preloader can be changed via the plugin's CSS: On you WordPress Dashboard select "Plugins" then "Editor", then select "Galaxy Zoo" in the "Select plugin to edit". Finally, select the "galaxy-zoo/css/galaxy-zoo.css". Now you can edit the plugins global CSS (change made here will be made to both widgets)... Look for the '.widget-galaxy-zoo-loader' class declaration and change the value inside the 'url' brackets, e.g. from url(../img/loader-dark.gif) to url(../img/loader-pink.gif).

    This plugin comes with 2 preloaders, one dark with background color

    222222, and one white, with background color #FFFFFF (loader-white.gif).

    If you would like to have a preloader with a different background color use the online preloader generator at http://www.ajaxload.info/

    Select "Big Roller" as the "Indicator type", the background color you wish to have and #FF5D05 for the "Foreground color" (although you may change this value as well if you wish). Finally, click on "Download it!".

    Once you have the new preloader image saved on your machine, you will need to upload it to the plugin directory at /wp-content/plugins/galaxy-zoo/img

    1. galaxy-zoo screenshot 1

      Galaxy Zoo and the Galaxy Zoo Favorites widgets in a sample wordpress blog sit

    2. galaxy-zoo screenshot 2

      Detailed view of the Galaxy Zoo and the Galaxy Zoo Favorites widgets

    3. galaxy-zoo screenshot 3

      Galaxy Zoo Settings view in the dashboard


    • Added data caching
    • Added caching controls (delete cache button & cache expiration time) to the Admin Panel


    • The initial release of this plugin. Only a few themes have been tested.

    Known Issues


    • Changing the number of favorites on the favorites widget will NOT reset the cache, i.e. the new number of favorite galaxies will be requested only once the current cache expires (or is manually deleted)
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