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    ... as a converted MySpace blog user I am beginning to miss the functionality of being able to add a little extra detail about myself at the end of each blog entry.

    On MySpace you are able to select a CD, video game or book to show at the bottom of your entry that returns some product information and a link to buy the product. While this is undoubtedly earning MySpace money - it could be a cost effective method for WordPress users if this idea was implemented. Not only that but it gives a snapshot of that blogger at the time of the post - and it's just a neat little feature to have going on at the bottom of an entry.

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    Take a look at my NowPlayingWP plugin for wordpress. It's a widget which delivers things such as song title, artist, album, album artwork etc. in a user definable format. You'll need a registered copy of NowPlaying by Brandon Fuller in order for it to work. Take a look anyways: http://joshblake.net/nowplayingwp

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