Create new mailing list for plugin security announcements

  1. Ian Dunn

    Problem: There is no central, comprehensive source to alert users when a new vulnerability is discovered in a plugin. Users must rely on numerous official and unofficial sources, and even then it's easy to miss the news.

    Solution: Create an official mailing list for plugin security news. Whenever a plugin is de-listed from the repository because of a security issue, send out an e-mail so that users will know to de-activate the plugin until a patched version has been committed.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)
    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    We're working on that :)

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  3. Ian Dunn

    Awesome, thanks :)

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  4. Ryan Hellyer

    A feed for those of who despise being bombarded with email would be good too :)

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  5. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)
    Lead Plugin Wrangler

    How about http://make.wordpress.org/plugins/ Ryan? ;)

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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    Good idea! We're working on it