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  1. Steve Valencia

    The idea is to have a "form" whereby the questions and data entered undergo the statistical correlation formula and thus display the results in a scatter graph.

    The site or use of the plugin would require registration, the form fields validation with a pre-approval process prior to making public the information in the scatter graph.

    As an example of a type of correlation formula...the hypothetical could be... Is there any correlation of "land projects approved" vs "land projects not approved' using various questions such as. What type of land use is requested? Who was the Engineering firm hired? What is the name of the land owner? What is the ethnic heritage of the land owner requesting the land use? What attorney was involved? What has the name of the judge, county council and other data.

    Then, given a particular County a graph could be visible that would show if there is a correlation of how was able to get their projects completed...

    Sorry suffering from the flu..

    Posted: 3 years ago #

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