Complete Reestructuring

  1. Bruno Augusto


    I would like to suggest for one of future WordPress release is a complete reestructuring of the system, following the MVC principles.

    It would be nice too implement natively Smarty Templates Engine for the WordPress administration and for themes.

    I suggest the use of Zend Framework too.

    And, of course, PHP OOP 5 (pleeeeeease!!!)

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. adampatterson


    I would agree that this change could be good for developers, but Zend IMO is overkill and very large.

    It would become more difficult to install.

    The user installing the app would need higher server access. (installing the app outside the public html folder)

    Changing the template code would render every single theme ever made to be obsolete.

    Expression engine 2 has been refactored to use their codeigniter.

    I think overall as web apps become more sophisticated they should consider adopting standard frameworks like Zend, Cake, or Symphony. But the pros and cons need to be addressed.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  3. web-dev


    Use Pods and pods-ui plugins if you want a framework. WordPress is good for its simplicity. It it easy to understand CMS. I think 90% wordpress users don't need MVC.

    Posted: 9 years ago #

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