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  1. salromano


    It's clear that WordPress' comment system is a basic one. I would like to propose a complete overhaul of the system, making it more along the lines of Disqus, but of course, with WordPress log-ins and usernames.

    New features would include:

    - AJAX commenting
    - Real-time updating
    - Up and down-voting (configurable: on/off or up-voting only)
    - Moderator role: can edit and delete comments, mark them as spam, or add the posting user to the ban list.
    - Flagging: users may flag comments they find offensive or spam. These comments can be configured to not show upon a certain number of flags, but only if the administrator desires. Otherwise, they would be labeled for moderators to provide a final verdict.
    - Profiles: nothing fancy. Look at a Disqus 2012 profile for an example of where I'm getting at. It would include the username, their website, their number of comments, and their most recent comments. Preferably loaded in-line with the comments. Once again, Disqus 2012 is the example.

    That's all I can think of, at the moment. But yeah, if anyone else has any more ideas, feel free to add them. Or provide feedback, of course. ;D

    Posted: 5 years ago #

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