Cmd+S / Ctrl+S to save in template editor

  1. tmarki


    I use the theme editor to quickly fix things, when I don't want to fire up my Code editor and FTP client.

    Many times I find my self hitting Cmd+S (on a Mac) to save my changes, only to realise that I'm in a browser, which in these cases just offers me to save a copy of the complete page to my computer.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if some JavaScript could catch the event of me hitting Cmd+S and would execute "Update File" automatically? I wouldn't mind if it's not AJAX, page reload is not an issue, it's the habit of Cmd+S that I really want to keep! :)

    There could be a tick box in Settings, or right under the editor area, to say "[ ] Update file on Cmd+S / Ctrl + S" – and if it's ticked, only then would the JScript watch my thumb.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Jam Viet

    yes ! i think i need it also, i would like to have a Ctr+S function to save my post and my code also !

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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