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  1. Maeve Lander


    Currently plugin developers can mark support threads in their forum either 'resolved' 'unresolved' or 'not a support question'. As a plugin developer active on the support forum for my plugin, I would really like to have a 'close discussion' option.

    As anyone who volunteers on the support forum knows, the same queries come up again and again. What I do is write a quick note 'please see existing thread > [link to other thread]' but in a case like this the issue may or may not be resolved. So this would be the perfect place to use a 'close discussion' option to prevent discussion spawning across duplicate threads.

    It's also a common problem that users post a new issue in an existing thread. Being able to close threads would assist in managing this issue too.

    I can see that the privilege to close thread is possible to abuse... so maybe only activate for plugin developers that have shown themselves to be active on the forum - such as have it activate after x posts?

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Except we encourage people to make their own topics. History has proven that rarely do two people have the exact same problem.

    More to the point, the way the forums are coded, that may not be possible.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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