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    A lot of the most popular ideas here share a common theme: issues with the default WordPress editor. I recently decided that rather than complain about it (okay, in addition to complaining about it) I would adapt an existing plugin to work with WP 2.7.

    I was immediately bewildered by how confusing, messy and outright intractable this was. (I'm not new to maintenance coding.) There's no clean way to disable the TinyMCE editor that I can find. There is no documentation for things like the media uploader. If I want to disable the TinyMCE editor, I need a boatload of indecipherable JavaScript that will probably be rendered non-functional by the next minor(-minor) release.

    If this problem could be addressed, I think that there would be a great deal more development of alternative editors (or at least a lower proportion of those that fall out of use because of WP version incompatibility).

    Realistically, you don't even need a full-blown API. All that is needed is, say:

    1. Start with a blank form: textarea and save/submit buttons, etc
    2. Document the IDs, form, anything else relevant
    3. All that a fancy editor needs to do then is simply use its own JavaScript to replace the form elements with what it wants, bind to the various buttons and form events and it's set (this would still have to be in a PHP file that hooks into the necessary hooks, and if desired, some processing for, eg, different languages)
    4. The default editor can still be kept the same, and from what I can tell would only need to be slightly re-written to work
    5. Allow the default editor to be completely disabled just like any other plugin, so that a knowledgeable user can disable EVERYTHING and end up with the blank textarea/buttons
    6. ...or, of course, so another editor plugin can find and take over the editor form without having to work around what's bundled in by default

    Instead of anyone expecting WP to try and please everyone, WP can have a default editor they feel is fine and leave it at that. New users still get the default editor, but it becomes trivial to find and use a different editor, or easier to write one yourself.

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  2. Jen

    Closing due to lack of community feedback/support on this thread in the year it has been here.

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