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    Pardon me if this has already been suggested. I will admit that I have not ready every post. I have searched for this idea though.

    Right now, when you unzip 2.3, you get this structure:

    wp-admin (directory)
    wp-content (directory)
    wp-includes (directory)
    + various files

    When you install WP, changes are made to wp-admin and to some of the various files.

    I would like to see this instead:

    wp-admin (directory)
    wp-content (directory)
    wp-includes (directory)
    + no files until you run config except initial index.php

    After config
    wp-admin (directory)
    wp-content (directory)
    wp-includes (directory)
    (wp-custom) (directory created by config)
    + only index.php

    After the config, none of the files in wp-admin, wp-content, or wp-includes would have been changed at all.
    All changes would be to the files and directories in

    The reason that I would like to see this is because I have multiple WP installations. If it were installed like I am describing, I would not create a new install directory for each new blog. Instead, using Linux or Unix, at least, I would create symbolic links to the initial install directories and would not have to change anything in my WP repository directory. The other cool thing about doing it this way is that when I upload plug-ins and themes, I could dump them in my repository and they would then become available to all my WP installations at once.

    When it came time for upgrade, none of the custom directories would have to be touched. Simply install new code in the initial install directories.

    To make this a more portable change that is OS independent, have the first WordPress install create a repository and then have subsequent installs find and use the files in that repository without changing them. All changes would be to the files in the custom directory.

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  2. Jen
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    Closing due to 2 years with no community feedback/support.

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