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  1. YourNav

    I had to use multisite for this, which is resource intensive. I want to have category slug on specific categories, not all.

    Suppose I have 5 categories - A, B, C, D, E

    A and B are my main categories and I'd like the posts in those categories to have the category slug. So, it would be - domain.com/a/post

    But when I post to C, D or E, the URL should just be - domain.com/post

    Posted: 9 months ago #
  2. Adam Tran

    Hi Mohan,

    You can go to Settings, then click on Permalinks, choose Custom Structure, then changed to: domain.com/%category%/%postname%/
    Hope it helps.

    Posted: 9 months ago #
  3. Hello, this can solve by the plugin like custom permalinks
    or anything else like this.

    Posted: 8 months ago #

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