Category pages to optionally show subcategories

  1. iantresman

    A previous post suggested that this option was dependent on the theme, but this seems to be half the story.

    When I install Woocommerce, this functionality appears in its custom post type "Products":

    • In Product Categories, there is a new "Display type" option to select whether a category displays (a) Standard (b) Posts (c) Subcategories (d) Both
    • In Product Categories, there is also an option to have a category image
    • When I visit a parent category, if I have selected it, I now see only the subcategories (and their image).

    So the WooCommerce plug-in seems to be adding the UI options, and then it also provides a custom post theme to display the results.

    I would like to see a Category/Subcategories option built-in that does just this (ie without the shopping cart), ideally on WP built-in posts, optionally on custom posts types.

    Options could include specifying the depth, and whether this feature is global, or customised per category term.

    Supporting category images would be a bonus, though I think there are plugins that add this functionality.

    Posted: 12 months ago #

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