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  1. zeridon


    It would be great if the search for WP is case insensitive. It is a bit frustrating to not find the post you just wrote just because you accidentally hit caps lock/shift

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  2. ceejayoz


    It, uh, already is...

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  3. WisTex

    But, that is so insensitive! After all, the capital letters have earned the right to be upper case. And to think they will now be treated the same as lower case characters. ;)

    Actually, I think this would be a good idea, and to make it even better, I would suggest that exact matches (i.e. the capitalization matches exactly) be at the top of the results, and the insensitive results (i.e. words match but capitalization does not) be displayed after.

    This will allow the results to be more precise, and also help users search for acronyms (i.e. if you reference an organization in your posts with the acronym BLOG, if you search for "BLOG", posts with "BLOG" would come up first, while posts with "blog" would come up after, and vice versa).

    Posted: 11 years ago #

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