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    WP Fitness Tracker tracks common fitness exercises such as running, biking, swimming, weight and calorie intake.

    WP Fitness Tracker is an easy to use fitness tracking plugin for your wordpress blog. The plugin lets you track your weight and calorie intake as well as swim, bike and run distances. You can display a Weekly Fitness Stats widget on your blog which will show your totals for the current week. This plugin does NOT use any external websites. All the data is stored in your blog's database.

    Note: If you track your weight on a daily or weekly basis the widgets below will give you an average and not a total.

    Feel free to contact me, Jim Burnett with any questions or update requests.

    Unzip the plugin into your plugins folder, activate the plugin. Click the Fitness Tracker link on the right to add items.

    Who do I ask about adding features?

    Email Jim at goingfitness@gmail.com.


    Tested with 3.x wordpress. Minor bug fixes. Change author info.


    • Initial version.

    Arbitrary section


    A brief Markdown Example


    *. Weekly stats widget. *. Monthly stats widget.

    Todo: *. Add yearly stats widget. *. Add page with chart or graph.

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  2. Ryan Markel

    A series of shortcodes for adding information from Bungie.net to WordPress sites.

    This plugin adds a handful of shortcodes to your WordPress site to make it easier to add things from Bungie.net to your site. For now, it's limited to things that are easily embedded into sites, but there are plans in the future for additional functionality.

    How to Add a Bungie Card

    For your Halo 3 career record, there is a pair of Bungie Cards available to show your emblem, your rank, and some other stats from your career.

    You can add these to any post or page by inserting this shortcode:

    [halo3id gamertag="xboxlive_gamertag" size="type_of_card"]
    • The "gamertag" value accepts any Xbox Live gamertag. Spaces are fine and will be converted automatically.
    • The "size" can be either "small" or "large". The small size is a good one to fit into most sidebars; the large size is really intended for forum signatures and will take up a good chunk of the width of a page.

    How to Add a Rendered Bungie.net Video

    If you are a Bungie Pro member, you can spend your Render Minutes to create embeddable videos of your Halo 3 and Halo Reach file share clips.

    You can insert them into your WordPress posts or pages with this shortcode:

    [bungievideo id="movie_guid"]

    The movie GUID can be grabbed from the embed code you are given on Bungie.net. A few things you should know about the video playback:

    • Videos are locked to 640x360. If you try to change the size of the embed, the video is clipped instead of scaled.
    • The embed takes the form of an iframe-inserted page that runs a Silverlight-based video player.

    There doesn't appear to be any way around these restrictions, unfortunately.

    This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


    1. Upload bungienet-tools.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Use shortcodes at will

    Are there Bungie Cards for Halo Reach?

    Not yet. Hopefully soon.

    Can I insert or access my stats?

    So far, no.

    The Halo Reach Stats API is currently closed and isn't accepting new applications. If you have a great idea on how the stats API could be used with this plugin in the future, by all means, let me know.


    • First version in the WordPress Plugin Repository.
    • Changed the Bungie Cards shortcodes to have a single shortcode for the two Halo 3 ID sizes.


    • First completed version.
    • Support for the Forum size Halo 3 Bungie Card and video embeds.
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  3. Hello!

    There is a conflict with the CloudFlare plugin and the WordPress app. It won't work if HTTPS Protocol Rewriting is enabled in CloudFlare. I'm not aware of a way around this. You'll need to disable this setting to get your site to work with the app. There's more info here:


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  4. qorporate

    Easiest way to create Short URL's for your posts and page permalinks. Tiny URL's for your WordPress blog.

    This a very simple plugin for WordPress. What is does is generate a unique short url for each of your blog posts and pages. This unique short url will be displayed where ever you enter a PhpCode. Install Help

    Must insert a php code into single post template and/or page template. Setup Information


    Provided under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

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