Bulk Plugin Update/Delete - Please refresh the page

  1. DannyAnthony

    A number of releases ago, when bulk deleting plugins, the page would refresh to a "deleting in progress" type of page. Now, everything happens on the same screen. We no longer get an indication that something is happening other than a "Deleting..." line underneath each selected plugin.

    Currently, choose 5 plugins to delete -- some that start with "A" and one that starts with "Z". Scroll to Bulk Actions, select Delete, see the "A" plugin being deleted, manually scroll to the bottom of the page and wait until the screen says plugin "Z" is being deleted.

    I used to be able to go to another browser tab and know for sure the bulk actions were complete in my WP tab once the browser tab indicator had stopped. Now I have to babysit the WP tab. Please bring back page refresh for bulk plugin management.

    Posted: 7 months ago #

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