Bulk file management

  1. DeanK


    Extend the Manage > Uploads section of the Dashboard to have more robust file management: the ability to add files in bulk, with a progress meter; the ability to recognise files uploaded via FTP and insert them into the database, with some editing features.

    Popup Image Gallery 4.2.3 plugin has good manipulation features of a gallery image: edit the image caption, title, links to both full and thumbnail images all within simple interface).

    Also -- the ability to upload to more than one destination in the WordPress install -- eg, a general file upload area; also a second area, for example to be used for gallery upload (same plugin mentioned above requires separate folders for each album, so the ability to specify a base folder and then new folder names during upload).

    This makes the file management a "common" library accessible across posts and pages, and doesn't rely on page-level or post-level uploading at the time of content creation -- some images are required more generically when establishing a WP site (eg icons).

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. Adam Brown

    I've got it up on my site. Very cool. One suggestion: Get the captions too, not just the photos.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  3. smoczokwik

    Can save you a lot of work, especially if you're dealing with people who tend to swear a lot.

    Sort of Akismet meets Parental Advisory plugin.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  4. Denzel Chia

    insert vimeo quicktag with full embed options as provided by vimeo

    Allows Vimeo video embed to be viewed in iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. This plugin interprets its vimeo shortcode to produce the latest vimeo iframe embed code.

    1. Upload vimeo quicktag to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and unzip
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Click refresh if vimeo quicktag does not show after activation.
    1. vimeo-quicktags screenshot 1

      Vimeo Quicktag dialog window


    1. Rewrited plugin to produce Vimeo iframe embed code.
    2. Plugin inserts vimeo video shortcode, instead of flash embed code.
    3. Plugin interprets vimeo shortcode, into Vimeo iframe embed code.
    4. Added preview video feature.


    1. Changed plugin path to defined WP_PLUGINS_URL

    2. Added White Colour.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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