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  1. Enej Bajgoric

    Tracks the history the users visit and displays it to them, like the browser history but only for your website

    Ever wanted your users to see all the pages that they have previously visited. Well now you can!

    Here's how it works:

    The value of the current url and an appropriate title of the page are stored in the users cookie. As the user browses the site more the number of links stored grows.


    You can place the '[history-tracker size ="5" order="oldest"]' shorcode into any page or post or If order attribute is set to olderst the order will be reversed. There is no description or title attribute.

    The usual vanilla installation:

    1. Upload history-tracker folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Place History Tracker widget in your sidebar
    4. or use the '[history-tracker]' shortcode where you want it
    1. history-tracker screenshot 1

      This is how the widget looks like showing you all the options.

    2. history-tracker screenshot 2

      This is how the widget might look like on your site. You will probably need to style it a bit to make it look as cool.


    • Initial Release
    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. erikpbogaerts

    Mailing List adds powerful mailing list features to your WordPress site.

    Mailing List adds powerful mailing list features to your WordPress site.

    It is easy to install and use, and is seamlessly integrated with WordPress.

    It is great for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses.

    The main features are:

    • Write and send messages, and manage your mailing lists anywhere you are
    • Designed to manage mailing lists with hundreds of thousands of subscribers but also excellent with smaller lists
    • Manages message delivery with a message queue, so no duplicate messages and no forgotten messages
    • Tracking tells you how many users opened your email message
    • Multiple subscribe Pages allow you to choose many different combinations of templates, languages, user attributes and lists
    • Templates are completely customizable, and make further theme tuning a breeze.
    • Subscriber attributes like 'name', 'country', and other personal information, are completely customizable
    • Make each and every email message personalized with the subscribers name, country, or any other attribute
    • Subscribers can be given the choice between text or html email messages
    • Uses TinyMCE to edit messages
    • Available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Vietnamese and Japanese
    • Multiple list administrators
    • Every email message contains personalized URLs for subscribers to update their preferences or unsubscribe
    • Bounce processing keeps your database clean of unused and non-existent email addresses
    • CSV Import and Export
    • Attachments can be uploaded and included in messages for download.
    • Send your message as a PDF to ensure that your message is seen the way it was designed by all your subscribers
    • Keep sending messages from your web server in the background
    • Throttling can limit the load on your server so it doesn't overload
    • Scheduled sending let you decide when the message is to be sent
    • Send a message repeatedly for updated dynamic content and attachments

    Note: Mailing List uses web services stored on Zingiri's servers, read more in the plugin's FAQ about what that means.

    1. Upload the mailz folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Go to the WordPress Settings page and find the Mailing List menu, click on install
    4. You're now ready to start configuring your mailing lists

    Please visit the Zingiri for more information and support.

    This plugin uses web services, what exactly does that mean?

    Web services are simple way of delivering software solutions. Basically it means that the software & data is hosted on our secure servers and that you can access it from anywhere in the world. No need to worry about backing up your data, managing systems, we do it for you.

    What about data privacy?

    This plugin uses web services stored on Zingiri's servers. In doing so, personal data is collected and stored on our servers. This data includes amongst others your admin email address as this is used, together with the API key as a unique identifier for your account on Zingiri's servers. We have a very strict privacy policy as well as terms & conditions governing data stored on our servers.

    I have more questions!

    Please visit the Zingiri for more information and support.

    Screenshots are not yet available, anyway, just install the plugin and try it out, it's pretty easy.


    • Changed upgrade message


    • Added license key field
    • Verified compatibility with WordPress 3.5.1


    • Removed duplicate API key entry field


    • Added option to switch back to local mode in case erroneous update to remote mode
    • Verified compatibility with WordPress 3.5


    • Increased limit of maximum number of users
    • Removed green line in between data rows
    • Removed duplicate loading of js/jslib.js javascript library


    • Removed FCK editor code, using WP editor instead
    • Improved back-end performance when navigating outside of the Mailing List menus
    • Cosmetic changes
    • Fixed issue with menus


    • Added option to choose between local and remote modes


    • Verified compatibility with WP 3.4.1
    • Fixed issue with defaulting of from name when creating new messages
    • Fixed issues with queued messages not being processed
    • Fixed issue with help topics not showing


    • Added language selector allowing changing the admin language


    • Updated readme.txt and settings page regarding the use of web services and data privacy policy


    • Fixed follow redirect issue


    • Updated http class to version 2.02.06


    • Removed debug display
    • Removed obsolete log.txt file
    • Replaced remote image files by local ones
    • Removed remote news loading
    • Added option to enable/disable footer


    • Fixed another installation issue
    • Remove options when uninstalling


    • Fixed issue with upgrading from version prior to version 2.0.0.
    • Removed uninstallation when deactivating


    • Fixed issue with upgrade not saving latest version number
    • Added check for existence of ZipArchive class


    • Fixed issue when upgrading from version 1.4.x where previous data is not shown
    • Fixed issue with 'Manage users' and 'User history' links showing a restricted access page


    • Fixed issue with no permissions upgrade link


    • Moved to mailing list as a service concept
    • Fixed issue with TinyMCE editor not displaying


    • Fixed security issue


    • Added SMTP settings to configuration options
    • Removed debug display
    • Changed default values for number of emails sent per period (80 mails per hour)


    • Fixed issue with redirect URL's duplicating url path
    • Fixed issue with 'Error:no access' showing after updating a configuration option


    • Removed activation error display
    • Fixed compatibility issue with Simple Facebook Connect plugin


    • Changed verification on session_save_path
    • Only start PHP session if no session started yet

    = 1.3.6 * Changed message about PHP versions * Fixed issue with tables renaming


    • Removed debugging output
    • Renamed phpList tables that were using the WP prefix only


    • Added verification that PHP sessions are properly configured
    • Fixed RFI vulnerability
    • Moved footer location to bottom of page
    • Corrected minor syntax errors


    • Only load Tiny MCE editor when required
    • Fixed issue with load of admin styles phplist.css
    • Generic Support Us function


    • Fixed issue with 'No access' message being displayed when updating configuration and users
    • Fixed issue in phplist with handling of GET and POST variables
    • Corrected default blacklist and forward URL's at first installation
    • Updated Support Us page
    • Minor styling improvements
    • Fixed issue with FCK Editor not loading in some cases
    • Defaulted to WordPress Tiny MCE editor instead of FCK Editor
    • Added option to activate FCK Editor in phplist configuration page


    • Fixed issue with Mailing List plugin deleting tables of the Zingiri Web Shop plugin upon uninstall
    • Changed load of simplehtmldom script
    • Fixed issues with plugin activation


    • Upgraded phplists to version 2.10.15
    • Removed fix in admin/structure.php: changed length of index of user_blacklist_data (limited to 1000, i.e. 333 bytes in UTF-8)
    • Updated donations link
    • Uninstall plugin when deactivating
    • Fixed issue with empty messages being created when adding new messages or editing existing ones
    • First release to support Mailing List Pro extension


    • Fixed issue with sort users not working


    • Upgraded http.class.php
    • Fixed issue with new messages not being saved correctly


    • Changed name of cookies storage
    • Fixed issues with redirects in zHttpRequest


    • Update cURL class to avoid having to use the cache directory
    • Enhanced management of logins to phplist application
    • Rebranding
    • Shortened plugin title


    • Revamped the front and back end interfaces to fit better with WordPress themes
    • Added link to our Facebook fan page on the plugin control panel
    • Added link to our Twitter account on the plugin control panel
    • Added Paypal donation link on the plugin control panel
    • Added link to our rate the plugin on WordPress on the plugin control panel
    • Added link to help information on the plugin control panel
    • Verified compatibility with WordPress 3.0.5
    • Renamed plugin to Mailing List


    • Removed definition of GetUserIp function which is not used and causes a conflict with Nextgen Gallery Voting plugin


    • Added test on cache directory being writable
    • Added new option to import all WordPress users in a default mailing list
    • Tested up to WordPress version 3.0.4
    • Fixed potential compatibility issue with other Zingiri plugins


    • Fixed issue with editing of subscribe pages duplicating the page instead of updating it
    • Added a check to see if CURL is installed
    • Renamed plugin to ccMails
    • Changed support site to http://choppedcode.com


    • Updated to work with WordPress 3.0.1
    • Fixed issue with editing of lists duplicating the list instead of simply updating it
    • Fixed issue with user reconciliation features being directed to an unaccessible page
    • Fixed issue with website url in PHPlist not being updated correctly. Should be siteurl rather than home url.
    • Fixed issue with "Error: No such attribute: 0" when trying to add an attribute.
    • Added display of version in control panel


    • Fixed compatibility issue with ccTickets plugin
    • Fixed issue with backslashes in front of single and double quotes


    • Now uses dedicated phplist.css for front end, different from the one used in the admin back-end
    • Cleaned up unused sidebar code
    • Fixed issue with HTML links on mailing page


    • Corrected footer (PHPlist instead of osTicket)
    • Fixed issue with PHP magic quotes set to on in PHPlist


    • Fixed issue with pages and posts being shown as blank after activation of plugin
    • Code clean up


    • Fixed issue with max key length exceeded on table user_blacklist_data
    • Fixed issue with plugin not installing on GoDaddy servers because of setting magic_quotes_gpc on in .htaccess file (moved to php.ini file)


    • Fixed issue with options array not being initialized properly causing an installation problem


    • Forced admin user as default user that connects to PHPmail
    • Added hourly cron job using WP scheduling functionality to process mail queue


    • Adapted code to be compatible with PHP4
    • Corrected issue when trying to upload files


    • Fixed issue with admin login to PHPlist back-end


    • Better initialisation of default configuration options


    • First release


    • Working version
    Posted: 6 years ago #

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