Bring the WordPress.com media capabilities to WP.org users

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    Have a look at the list of shortcodes the WordPress.com-hosted blogs have available:


    I'd love to have a built-in (or drop-in) solution for our self-hosted WordPress.org install that gives my authors (and any future guests) such easy access to rich media and automatic player embedding.

    Currently we are using a few different 3rd-party plugins to get some of these capabilities. Some, like PodPress, have stopped updating, forcing us to strip them out and replace with a new plugin, which invariably works a little differently and requires editing dozens of old posts to correct breakages.

    A consistent, WP-supported feature or plugin to add these shortcodes would also be an improvement over current media embedding because the each shortcode could be left alone even if the outside host (say, YouTube) adds new embedding features or changes their URL format (for some odd reason). Updating WP/the plugin could just update the shordcode replacement function and voila: All old posts get the update/fix for free.

    Just so searches find this Idea, here's the (current) WP.com shortcodes advertised in the link above:


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