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  1. malarz

    Hi all

    I previously posted it in development and now realized it wasn't good place so I'm reposting it now :)

    I'd like to participate in WordPress project "Blog import/export" from Google Summer of Code. As far I've considered following features of plugin:

    1. Partial import (one can import all content for blog or just part of chosen by date, tags, category and so on)
    2. Ability to manage imported data before publishing
    3. Category matcher - once imported category is matched with local one, system will remember it and do it automatically
    4. Duplicate prevention system - if one will import same blog two times no one post will be duplicated
    5. Remembering from where import had been done and offer user password remembering (this process doesn't require any files or logging into other wordpress panels)
    6. Synchronization module - if post is published in one blog it would be automatically published in other ones owned by user (if checked). Same thing for comments. Now author can focus on writing itself not publishing in many sites

    Do you have any ideas what can be added to make it more user friendly? Maybe I missed something what you consider important? Any comments and ideas will be appreciated.



    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. Jen
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    Try again this year?

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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