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  1. arickmann

    Creates one or more tabbed dynamic sidebars for your sidebar

    This plugin is no longer maintained or supported. It has not been tested with the most recent version of WordPress and will likely cease to function entirely after WordPress 2.8. If you like this plugin and want to take over development of it please let me know.

    This plugin adds a new dynamic sidebar which displays the widgets in it as tabs, instead of as a list. It adds a widget, and a template tag, so that it can be inserted wherever it needs to be.

    Unzip the plugin into the plugins directory and activate. In wp_admin go to Widgets, under the presentation tab. Here you can select the number of tabbed sidebars that you want using the panel at the bottom. You can them use either the Fun with Sidebars Widget (by adding each Tabbed Sidebar widget into your main sidebar) or the template tag -

    <?php the_tabbed_sidebar( Tabbed Sidebar number ); ?>

    You can then add widgets to each Tabbed Sidebar on the same page.

    I am using the theme tag not the widget, can I restyle it?

    At the moment there is no interface for that.

    There is a workaround however.

    1. Drag the widget into any sidebar (even the tabbed sidebar itself)
    2. Use the widget's settings to style the CSS
    3. Save the widget settings
    4. Remove the widget from the sidebar
    5. Resave the settings

    I't ain't elegent, but it works.

    The default styles are not working properly, what's going on?

    CSS is tricky to write for all situations so it is possible that it is being overidden by other, more specific settings. If possible do not include the sidebar in multiple nested lists, that can cause problems. To diagnose the problems try moving the sidebar so it is not inside any element except a div tag. If that works the problem is that the CSS where you want to place the sidebar is overriding the default.

    Styling the plugin

    If you use the widget to add the tabbed sidebar to you main sidebar you can also re-style the CSS. After you have added the widget to the sidebar open the tabbed sidebar widget options and you will be presented with boxes containing the default CSS. You can now tweak this to your satisfaction.



    Added an extra bit of Javascript provided by Thaya Kareeson See for details - http://omninoggin.com/wordpress-posts/automatically-cyclerotate-fun-with-sidebar-tabs/


    Update to resolve problems generating the CSS


    Note: There have been some changes to the CSS so you may need to make amendments to each sidebar's settings.

    Moved the minimum requirement from 2.3 to 2.5. Amended the CSS to use IDs instead of classes to try and overcome the CSS specifity issues. Switched the order of the CSS and Javascript loading for Safari and FF3 to make sure the CSS loads before the Javascript runs. Updated the Javascript to cope with the way PCSafari and FF3 trigger document ready earlier than expected. Updated the calculation for tab levels to prevent wrapping.


    Amended to try and cope with Jquery 1.1.4


    This version now uses JQuery instead of Prototype, and can deal with more tabs than the width of the box allows.

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  2. alivictory7

    I ask my hosting server about it and he say that it's active with this details:

    core library version xmlrpc-epi v. 0.51
    php extension version 0.51

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  3. Jeff Chandler
    Volunteer Moderator and Voice of WP

    A number of enhancements have taken place in WordPress which eases this issue but I still see plugin links scattered throughout the left side menu areas. Not sure how to get plugin authors on board with putting a settings for the plugin that is accessible from the plugin management page.

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  4. stu-in-flag

    A simple plug-in widget to allow the display of a picture from its URL.
    • A simple plug-in widget to allow the display of a picture from its URL. Developed to allow existing webcam files to be displayed on a blog sidebar without actually modifying the file. The title of the displayed widget, the image height and width, alternate text for the image and image URL can be modified on the widget admin page.

      • The image is initialized to my webcam picture of a Shark Oil Barometer which is located in Switzer Canyon in Arizona, USA. The link for that page is http://stu-in-flag.net/barometer.php. But, this can be easily modified to another URL source.
      • I am not a professional programmer. I produced this widget when I couldn't find one that allowed the combination of a URL based image and adjustments to the height and width of the image. So, I am sharing it because I think others would value it. While I would like to hear feedback on how the plugin is functioning for others, I am making no commitment to solving integration issues, providing updates, or any othersort of support that you would expect of a professional. I just don't have the knowledge to do that.
      • I am using this widget on my own blog (http://stu-in-flag.net/blog/) and intend to for the long-term. So, I think it is reasonably safe. There is no error trapping for entering the wrong values in the admin window on the widgets page. You are the error trap. If you enter goofy things, you will get goofy, possibly irritating results. Still, you can just delete it manually and move along.
      • With all those disclaimers, I hope this tool works for you. It was fun learning while writing this tool. I am open to learning more to make it better. Please, let me if you have thoughts, questions or suggestions at


        I'll see what I can do.

    1. Upload the unzipped stuquickpic.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Include the widget on your sidebar, header or footer as allowed by your them. This is done on the 'Widgets' admin page which is found in the 'Appearance' section of the admin menu. See screenshot2.png. Drag the widget to the appro- priate section.
    4. Setup the widget to show your picture using the admin window. Adjust sizing to fit your theme. See Screenshot2.png When picking a border color, simply enter the internet name for the color(http://www.w3schools.com/HTML/html_colornames.asp). Custom colors can be entered with the hex code (i.e. #114488). There is no error checking of color names. Mispelled color names will result in no border appearing.
    1. How do I upload my webcam image to the internet?

      This is outside the scope of this widget, but I use YAWCAM 0.3. I found it at http://www.yawcam.com. I don't know about it's on-going availability

    2. How do I send you a question?

      As I am writing this before launching on WordPress, I have no real FAQs. My WordPress username is stu-in-flag. My email is Stu-in-flag@stu-in-flag.net. Please, send me questions or constructive comments

    screenshot1.png This screenshot shows the output of the widget on my blog. It is in the upper right corner. (Shark Oil Barometer)

    screenshot2.png This screenshot shows the 'Widget' admin page in WordPress There are several useful parts. First, on the middle left side of the image, the location of the 'Widget' menu selection is located under the 'Appearance' tab. Secoond, it shows the widget in the sidebar location. Third, it shows the admin control window and the variables which can be altered.

    0.1 Version 0.1 was used only by me. It was quite a learning experience.

    0.2 Initial Public Release. Version 0.1 was used only by me.

    0.3 Added link for image. Fixed typo in the variable initiation for sqplalttxt. Cleaned up readme.txt to look better on WordPress.org

    0.4 Added code for image link to open in new page.

    0.5 Added border option

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