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  1. syncbox


    I know there are several ideas in this category, but here are mine:

    I rather liked the old upload functions better, but I don't see why WordPress can't just do a "file manager" approach to allowing uploads in general...?

    • An general admin page that displays the directory of the designated upload folder with all content within.
    • folder must have proper permissions, etc
    • a browse button to locate media locally and put it into the directory
    • then below that, displays all images as thumbnail previews; all swfs with icons, etc. in the upload folder.
    • on write/manage page/post, a collapsible block that displays existing images/media in the uploads (or designated) folder with a click on function to insert into page/post, per earlier methods for adding images.

    All I want is the ability to see EVERY image in my upload folder & to be able to select any of them in any post or page I am working on. I don't expect to upload from the page or post itself -- a general location to do uploads would work for me.

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  2. sigsol


    This is important. We need to have folders and permissions per user.
    Then when you have many users (I am at 60+) they can find their photos without getting lost or confused.

    I have had to do a LOT of unnecessary training of users, people who want to USE wordpress not to be a web expert. Examples of daft things that most bloggers wouldn't do, but occassional users do often.

    #1 Upload huge files.
    #2 Put huge files in posts
    #3 complain about speed of uploading and page rendering.
    #4 complain they cant find THEIR picture(s) .

    Posted: 9 years ago #

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