Better plugin options management?

  1. natostanco

    What if plugins needed to provide some kind of flag on activation, and this flag could be used to tag each option created by this plugin(if the option is named plugin_option it could be renamed to flag_plugin_option), to precisely recognize who is the parent of every new option in the wordpress database.

    Wouldn't this give a better way to handle options in the wordpress database instead of leaving them there after a plugin has been uninstalled or leave it up to the plugin to delete the options it created? So that upon plugin deactivation or deletion a nice checkbox could let the user choose to keep or delete the relative options.

    And maybe wordpress could keep an array of those flags (and history of used plugins) so that if a user wanted to delete every ghost plugin option all he had to do would be run this array of strings against the options table and look for matches.

    Posted: 5 years ago #

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