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  1. Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)

    Better is subjective :) You have to balance out wants and needs, because if you added in everything people want, you get a huge piece of bloatware.

    You're asking for a feature that the majority of users don't need, it's unlikely it will be added to core. I'm explaining why.

    I can think of many plugins and methods to solve that, but as I said before, if you'd like help finding plugins that totally block the backend and do everything on the front end, post in the support forums :)

    Insofar as this is an idea, it's best served as a plugin. For now.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. rodonmanes


    This isn´t a big idea, you´re playing it as it´s so huge that it´s better served as a plugin, that simply isn´t true. To have a simple feature of redirecting people isn´t huge, it´s just a matter of a simple tick in the general settings and making wordpress display the profile on a generic post or a page, not visible to outsiders, what is so big about that?

    As for the majority of users not using this, that simply isn´t true, there are allot of users that need this feature, as it is plain to me that, no one is scripting a plugin for this issue, as programmers are to busy making paid membership plugins, which don´t handle this kind of stuff i´m talking about, unless you want to subscribe and pay or something like that.

    I´ve seen ton of worpress sides addressing this issue by using plethora of plugins after plugins or using complicated form plugins to some how manage this, why not have this simply in the core, i just don´t understand why this is such an issue to have in the core, but if you say there isn´t any need for this as a core feature, but rather a plugin, i guess i can´t do anything about it, as i´m not a programmer and don´t have any programmers behind me unless i spend allot of money to have this devoloped.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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