Better Display Custom Fields in Editing Panel

  1. Andrea Ercolino


    Enhance the way custom fields are displayed in the editing panel, so that each field is given a bigger editing box in a fixed layout.

    Now they must fit in a table, whose columns' width shrinks and grows at will, which causes the update/delete buttons to disappear sometime, and it's a weird look and feel in my opinion.

    At http://www.mondotondo.com/aercolino/noteslog/?p=131 I posted an article about a possible restyling that displays custom fields by means of a definition list, which can then be animated by an accordion effect, with many benefits: an edit/display box much bigger than usual, a coherent add box, a great reduction of the space occupied by the custom fields section, and an help at focusing user's attention for the current custom field, being always all collapsed but one.

    I also suggest a replacement of the selection box used for the keys already known.

    Posted: 12 years ago #
  2. Andrea Ercolino


    Please, leave a message after the signal... beep!

    Posted: 11 years ago #
  3. erick_paper


    Why is this not a PRIORITY feature to make WordPress a really powerful platform like EE or some of the other competing ones now?

    If I write a blog of reviews about books and movies, I would like my "WRITE POST" admin page to look like this automatically, and this should be configurable--

    - Title
    - Author
    - Date Published
    - Date Read
    - Rating (dropdown or stars)
    - My review text
    - Amazon ISBN link
    - Category and tags as always

    - Title
    - Main Actors
    - My Rating
    - Date Viewed
    - Review text
    - IMDB link
    - Category and tags as always

    Currently, if I have to do this, I have to navigate a very laborious path of all the entry fields and go through custom fields in selection drop-down boxes, and choose them one by one!

    Plugins like "Fresh Post" and whatnot are very painful to keep and manage. This functionality, like in ExpressionEngine (EE), should be a part of core WP.


    Posted: 10 years ago #

  4. Inactive


    I use the plugin Custom Fields Template. It has been updated a lot recently. It replaces the plugin called rc:Custom Fields GUI. In my experiments this plugin is easier to use than Flutter. I recommend it.

    That said, the Custom Fields area in WordPress out-of-the-box, needs help! WP should take inspiration from Custom Fields Template plugin (especially the smart "label" function where the Admin can write instructions to the Authors on how to use each field).

    Custom Fields is by-far the biggest underappreciated, and untapped potential in WP. It is huge! You can make such awesomer websites and blogs using this!

    The simple example is "My Mood Is".

    But you can put neat other things like URL fields, drop-down list of choices (Choose One), or a checkbox list (Check One Or More).

    It just needs to be made more obvious and easy for WP users to recognize and embrace this feature.

    Posted: 10 years ago #
  5. fl3x7

    as mentioned by erick_paper it would be great if there was a priority feature on custom fields

    Posted: 9 years ago #
  6. Jen

    Custom post types and custom taxonomies will be in 3.0. Custom fields could stand some improvement UI-wise, but if you're doing something hardcore, custom taxonomies might be a better fit.

    Posted: 8 years ago #

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