Auto-approve internal trackbacks

  1. Lauren


    I think it would be great to have the option of automatically approving internal trackbacks. After all, if I allow trackbacks *and* can auto-approve a comment from a previously approved author, I think it makes sense to have auto-approve for trackbacks from my IP address / account.

    Thanks for considering adding this as an option!

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. Unsal Korkmaz

    I dont like/understand internal trackbacks at all. There should be no internal trackbacks imo.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  3. Hello Lauren,

    Its a good idea but I think much more excellent is wordpress gives an option or release any plugin which allows to add list of domains that if track backs are from those domains then they get auto approve?

    Please suggest about this idea dear?


    Posted: 6 years ago #

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