Attention all developers - More boring themes please!

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    Doubtless there are some of the worlds best developers designing and coding some pretty awesome themes to run on wordpress. My problem is is that 99.9% of all themes are aimed at a small section of the potential audience. Apparently 65% of the worlds businesses and bloggers have an awesome archive of beautifully composed, high res images, perfect to go in their portfolio - so creative agencies and photographers basically.
    I help (boring) small to middle-sized enterprises build themselves a good, clean, uncomplicated website. But in coder-world, everything looks the same: over-the-top sliders, 3,4 or 5 text boxes beneath, category based portfolios etc etc etc. The problem is, this is not what my clients want or need.
    My clients need something beautifully coded, elegantly designed, with simple page designs (columns are good), it makes it good for me to be able to put different custom menus on different pages (sometimes left, sometimes right), I like a simple custom css window, I like a simple, but effective control panel with universal colour changing capabilities, obviously I like responsive, I like it easy to disable comments, well-supported etc.
    I bet that if a theme designer concentrated on doing the simplest things really well, if they didn't get carried away with functionality and instead concentrated on a robust simple website that does what most simple sites need (home • about • services • blog • contact) then the resulting theme would sell like hotcakes.
    some themes to look at for inspiration include: celta business and vilisya, I have used both and whilst they do what they need to, they are both a few years behind in terms of coding, responsiveness and functionality.
    Whilst WP is awesome for bloggers, I use WP to build simple, often non-blogging, almost static websites. But I harness the power of the awesome array of plugins to do what my clients need.

    So come-on someone, design me an awesomely boring premium b2b wordpress theme!

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