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    I've tried countless Thumbnail-Plugins by now and none of them works as I want it to - some can't save the thumbnails, some just thumb the attached images, one saves the images and even not just attached ones, but it saves them unreadable, so I have to make them readable manually...
    That is really frustrating!
    I wish someone would create a Plugin which offers just basic functions - like "resize($imgfile, $width, $height)" or "scan_post_for_images()" or the like... I'd just have to create a function in which I assemble these basic functions. The module principle. I'm in control of my thumbnails - can create as many different kinds of thumbs as I want and am not limited to the offered number of 3 or less.
    I discovered an "Image Editor" in the alakhnors "Post Thumb Revisited" - Plugin and it offers some of these basic functions - so I created my own Plugin in which I used them. But I just got endless fatal errors. -.- Have I already mentioned that I'm frustrated by all this?! ...

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