Allow time spent feature on blog post before posting comment

  1. Avinash Mishra


    Many readers just comment to build some backlinks and they do spam comments. Even they use many automated commenting tools. They just copy and paste generic comments in various posts on different websites. However we have various tools to stop spam comments like human verification, captcha, etc. But, including this another feature i.e., time spent on reading specific content/article will set another milestone to make web spam free, engaging along with establishing wordpress as highly productive CMS.

    Blog/Website admin should have flexibility (Before publishing any article) to set expected threshold time to read specific article based on its length. It'll determine to find out genuine blog reader, it will give lagging to many automated commenting tools, will trigger Google to implement bounce rate algorithm, it will make WordPress more and more famous among various CMSs, also it will help to trust particular reader or commentator based on time spent to read article and then posting quality comments.

    Implementing time spent on particular content with WP-COMMENT feature will be revolutionary, especially among bloggers. It will even excite Google to make changes in their algorithm.

    Think upon it!

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  2. Farsad Fakhim


    That's awesome!
    I can implement it if it's not existed by the time we are speaking. (i don't have enough energy to search the web)
    Do you have any other special idea to make it more interesting, i don't know maybe something like automatically estimate required time before posting a comment.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  3. Avinash Mishra


    Hi @Farsad,

    What's the deal ?

    I have full proof business plan for this idea. We have started working on it.

    Please let me know your concerns.

    Posted: 1 year ago #
  4. patrickwerzer

    Sounds like a great idea. The feature of having a certain amount of minimum time spent on page, in order to post a comment, would be really helpful!

    Posted: 12 months ago #

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