Allow site to honor a "DNT" header

  1. tfolkman

    Hello, WordPress!

    On my blog, I use Statcounter to keep track of pageviews and Twitter and Linked in sharing buttons to allow readers to share my posts. Statcounter, Twitter, and Linkedin all use Javascript and cookies to collect information about my readers. I would like to respect my readers' "do not track" preference if they have expressed one in their browser. The W3 has just published a new editors' draft of a specification spelling out a proposal for the details of how the "DNT" header should work.

    I would like to see a mechanism for responding to the "DNT" header incorporated into WordPress so that we can be a model for the rest of the web in empowering sites that choose to respect the DNT header to do so. I would do this myself if I had any idea how, but I'm a lawyer who doesn't know PHP from semaphore. Which, by the way, is what's so great about WordPress--it lets people like me who think we have something to say to publish in ways we couldn't before. Thanks for your consideration!

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