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  1. Scriptonite

    User files allows you to upload files for a specific user to download. Custom Icons and categories are available to more easily search and filter file

    The user files plugin allows you to add upload files for a specific user to download or view. The file upload is limited to the post max of your server. Files are uploaded to a user and can be accesses via an access page, dashboard widget, or both. The user files options page will allow you to turn on page menu and dashboard widget. Other options to allow user to delete their files and add to them. Also adds a file manager page to view all files and which user they belong to. You can delete files individually or delete the users folder.

    Files can have icons and category, both are customizable. Users and admins can search file names or parts and admins can filter files by category and/or by user.

    1. Upload user-files.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress

    =1.0.1= *Fixed display issue for dashboard widget

    =1.0.2= *Added option to allow users to delete their files *Added option to allow users to add files to their account (suggestion sent in by Pedro Pregnolato) *Both features can be turned on or off in the File Manager Options settings

    =1.0.6= *Fixed user uploads page, user was unable to upload unless they already had files *Added Shortcode to place file list in template page *Added help page with short general information

    =1.0.8= * Added admin notification option for user uploads. Idea submitted by Aleks Berland.

    =2.0= *Added Categories for files *Added icon support *Fixed error opening non-existant directory *Added file search *Added category filter *Added files download widget *Added files upload widget *Fixed shortcode using output buffer *Added one-click download function *Added complete uninstall function *Added I10n, .pot file available for contributors *css added for in page display table

    =2.0.3= *Fixed bug with custom capabilities and restored manage_options, will add custom caps at a later date. Don't have time to fix it at this time.

    =2.0.5= *Fixed bug writing categories to the database. *Fixed issue with corrupt file downloads on wordpress 3.2 *Fixed a couple other minor bugs

    =2.0.6= *Removed echo causing header sent error messages

    =2.0.7= *Fixed error that sometimes caused a 404 error when file download was pressed

    =2.0.8= *Fixed misspelling in upload category query

    =2.1.0= *Fixed download issues happening on some servers. Thanks to all who reported the bugs through our site and on wordpress.org forums. Thanks to dev123 and etruel.

    =2.1.1= *Added email notification option to notify users of uploaded files. *Added a date column to show the date the file was uploaded (ftp or wordpress)

    =2.1.5= *Added a new fix for downloads thnaks to dev123

    =2.2.0= *New download function written which seems to fix any and all corrupt downloads

    =2.2.1= *file corruption during sync, we're going to forget this update happened

    =2.2.2= *Mail notification fix *Fix for file corruption due to error with sync software

    =2.3= * Mail notification fix (for real) * Increased limit on category name lenth * added notes for files * added security for file downloads

    =2.3.1= *fixed help file

    =2.3.2= *fixed permalink uploading issue

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  2. Gecka

    Display a configurable warning for some versions of Internet Explorer

    Display a configurable warning for Internet Explorer upgrade.

    Choose to display the warning for versions before IE8 or before IE7.

    Choose to always display the warning, or once per session, or once a day, or every 30 days or every year.

    The plugin configuration appears in the Reading Settings page.

    (based on ie6-upgrade-warning)

    This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


    1. Upload the plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Setup the plugin from the Settings > Reading admin page


    • Compressed javascript file


    • First version
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  3. Jacotheron

    Do you want to post your Word/Excel files? Now you can! This plugin will post these files for you (more on their way).

    Do you have a lot of Microsoft Word / Excel Documents that you want to post or create a page from? This plugin will do that for you.

    This plugin is easy to use. Just install it, set a few settings, and set optional settings on the upload page. The plugin will do the rest for you. It will extract the contents once, and save it as a post/page, removing the unrequired files (saving you space).

    The 2007 files of Microsoft Office are all ZIP files, saving you even Bandwidth when uploading them with this plugin.

    This Plugin is Free Open Source: A Great Plugin to Compliment WordPress, for Free.

    Please note: * Do not use older Office files, they will not work (since they are not ZIP files).

    • This script might sometimes be very Resource Intensive as well as taking a long time to complete based on your document and Server, please just be patient.

    • This script will not modify the time limit for proccessing large files and it will also not modify the maximum file size for upload, thus it is possible for the script to run out of time.

    • We only test to make sure the plugin works on the latest versions of WordPress. This plugin requires features that was first introduced in version 2.8 and should be able to work on WordPress 2.8 and further. The plugin, however might work on earlier versions, but we can't provide support for those versions.

    • If you reqiure support, please open a ticket on our support website @ support.starsites.co.za. Announcements and more details available at [Starsites][website link].

    This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

    1. Upload the plug-in folder ('post-office') into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
    3. Set the Global Settings
    4. Start uploading your Documents

    What file type can this plug-in proccess

    This plug-in can only process Word 2007 (.docx) and Excel 2007 (.xlsx) files.

    How long does it take to parse the file

    Depending on your server and hardware allocated to your WordPress installation it can take about less than a second for a single file on a weak server or even faster on stronger servers. This is much faster than any other method I could find to convert a Word Document to a WordPress Post/Page and it saves bandwidth as it is a ZIP file.

    What is required on my server to run this plug-in

    This plugin was written as a PHP 5 script. It might not work on earlier versions (not tested on versions prior to PHP 5). This plugin requires the following extensions for PHP to be active: ZLib; XML Parser; GD Image Library. These extensions are active in a default PHP 5 installation (it might have been disabled afterwards). The plugin will warn you if it can't find these.

    After I uploaded a document and it was parsed, the result says other than WordPress says. What happened?

    This is for example you uploaded a document and it displays an error, but you find the content in the Posts or It displays no error but the new post does not exist. This can only be caused by two or more documents being uploaded and parsed at the same time and another one finishing a moment after the first one before the last result could be shown on the user's screen and thus overwriting the previous result. It is not advisable to parse multiple files at the same time as this will result in very high load on the server's resources (this is also the reason for only able to parse a single file at a time). You are now able to view the log and look for the file you uploaded for the result.

    When the State of the new post is set to Publish, the post/page's markup is not standards complient. Why is this?

    This is caused by the function WordPress uses to insert the post. The function tries to add tags and other information to the output of our script. This results in non standards complient code published in the post/page. We have tried solving it, but then it was worse than now (we will continue to research solutions). If you want standards complient markup, set the state to draft and open the post/page in the edit page, where you can publish it from. This adds only the correct tags.

    What formattings can be recognised by this plugin?

    Currently this plugin can recognise Bold, Italics, Underlined, Strike-Through, Heading(1-3), Text Colors, Hyperlinks, Tables. This plugin can also extract text from formatted WordArt text, but it is still not possible to extract the colors and other details of the WordArt to replicate it.


    • Bug Fix: Fixed a few Bugs and made it compatible with WP 3.2


    • Bug Fix: Excel Rounding improved


    • Bug Fix: Numbers not showing up in Excel (this is due to PHP version 4)


    • The First Public version

    Quick Features

    1. Upload file as a Post/Page
    2. Uploads images inside into the Post/Page
    3. Fast Content Extraction
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  4. yok2504


    Not good idea for default use

    you can make with plugins use it.

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