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  1. DonTimo

    You can create themes for the admin area of WordPress as you can do for your frontend. Alternatively you can use the default backend-style. For every part of the backend there will be a template part, e.g. "options.php" in which you can design the appearance of this special backend page. Same as for frontend with e.g. "single.php"
    This will also allow developers to easily customize the backend to their customers' corporate identity

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  2. DonTimo

    I've seen that my idea has just been moved to category "Implemented".
    Do you like it, because there are no ratings yet?

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  3. It was moved to implement because there is already a way to theme the admin side of WP via plugins.

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  4. DonTimo

    Can you tell me which plugins can do that? I have not found one so far

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  5. DonTimo

    But as far as I see, it is not as flexible as real themes (like the frontend-themes). You cannot e.g. change the admin-header completely or add new features.

    What is described here at http://codex.wordpress.org/Creating_Admin_Themes helps only to change colours via some hooks but not the whole layout of the admin area.

    So this would be an idea for the next release. What do you think?

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  6. You can change the whole admin header and add features via pugins, same as you always could. This is just an example of how to get started. I promise you, it's already extendable :)

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  7. DonTimo

    How for example one can change the link the site-heading points to and how to modify the shortlinks in the header?

    Wouldn't it be easier inplementing a theme-system instead of working with hooks (only experienced users can do that)?

    Posted: 6 years ago #
  8. Zeb

    I would like to see something like back-end theme.

    Here is a couple of examples that has been done in css but there should be a way to make a plugable admin theme of this:

    [removed non GPL links - can't use 'em]

    Posted: 5 years ago #
  9. kaformedia


    Check out WPQuickAdminThemes works with 3.5-3.6 and has 8 colors schemes and white-labeling solution

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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