Admin sub menus for Pages, Posts with list of latest pages/posts

  1. ekwator


    I find the sub menus that appear when hovering over the Pages and Posts tabs (and any custom post types) on the backend to be pretty unhelpful. Wouldn't it be nice if they listed 8-10 or so of the latest pages/posts? This way you wouldn't have to navigate to the posts page and select the post, you could do that straight through the menu!

    Not only would this save time and reduce the number of page loads, it would also allow for easy jumping between different post edit screens, without needing to keep going back to the list of posts.

    This would be especially great on small sites where the entire list of pages could fit in the sub menu, pretty much eliminating the need to ever go to the Pages screen. When there are too many posts for the sub menu, it would still give the option to view all, which would go to the full page of posts.

    Posted: 4 years ago #

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