admin screens - drop down menu, easier to include code (js, php)

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    1) It would be nice if rather than clicking manage and then clicking pages the admin menu options were dropdowns (js/css - not selects)
    2) I found it difficult to write js code for individual pages/specific needs and impossible to include php code - the code was constantly being parsed and reformatted, in one instance i couldn't even have a simple mailto in the text input, perhaps a setting could be implemented to allow admin/super users to directly write code in the write page/write post inputs, that way site admins could write code but comments would be prevented from including code.
    3) my user wants to use images for their primary nav and text for their secondary (sidebar) nav, a database change and some settings would make this a viable option, add an image option to the db for the nav and some settings such as
    and based on those settings the query pulls either the title_images or the title_text column from the db
    maybe even allow for onmouseover and onclick images
    if the mouseover images were the same name but in a subdirectory of the theme or site root
    to minimise db action

    btw wordpress is a great product, only been using it for about a week but has some great functionality

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    #1 is implemented.

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