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    thank you for continuing to develop wordpress. it's awesome to see how much new functionality has unfolded over the years.

    i have a suggestion for a useful post feature/option. for the visibility options, there currently are public, password protected, and private. it'd be useful to have an additional option: hidden.

    this could function much like unlisted videos do on youtube. if someone has a direct link to the post, they could see it, otherwise, it will not show up in any of the archives, tag/category pages, recent blog posts, the loop, or in any previous/forward navigation. essentially it would act like a private page unless someone has the direct permalink url to it. it would also be helpful if it only showed up with the direct url and not with a ?p=12345 after the domain name as post numbers can be guessed.

    the reasoning and usefulness for this additional visibility option would be so that one can hide a regular post after its no longer relevant to be shown in one's blog or with current content, though this would still allow one to share the older posts with anyone else by sharing the direct links. this would also be helpful if one had previously shared the posts in emails or social media so that anyone who comes across the old link can still visit the page and see the content. it'd also allow anyone who bookmarked a hidden post to still get access to it. this is helpful as one continues to grow and evolve in what one is sharing, one can focus on the newer aspects of one's life or message for newer visitors, yet still somewhat retain the history and allow previous visitors to see where one was at previously.

    another potentially useful feature for these hidden posts would be the ability to set a post to automatically expire or become hidden after a given time period or on a given date (though this could be implemented fairly simply by a plugin once the new visibility option is added to wordpress).

    thank you for considering adding this feature!


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