adding to plugin list(in admin) the sorteble(colepseble) column "plugin-purpose"

  1. talgalili


    Hi friends.

    As I see it - most heavy bloggers have a few dozens plugins activated on their blog.

    Why not make there management easier - by adding a "plugin purpose" column. allowing us, eventually - to sort by it (or even have the plugin list colepseble by it).
    this way, instead of a long long list of plugins, we'll have a few plugin-purpose-categories like: admin, video, seo etc.. (which could, ofcorse, could be opened to show the plugins on that branch)

    You thoughts and comments ?
    how hard will it be to implement ?


    " column (catagorys like: admin panal, video, seo etc.)

    Posted: 11 years ago #

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