Add media via clipboard (paste)

  1. infindebula

    I would love to be able to just "paste" an image into my blog.

    As nice as it might be to paste it into the visual editor, I recognize that might be pretty tricky. It would still be cool even to even have a box in the media uploader that would allow me to paste an image and have WP save it into my media library.

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  2. That's a bit of a way off :) We will be improving the media uploader in 3.5, but I don't know of anyone except Google Docs who's mastered the paste-in-image. And they can do it becuase they always run their own servers. Proprietary code.

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  3. OnePress



    We just released the plugin on wordpress.org that allows to paste images from clipboard. Please check it. Hope you will give us a bit feedback.


    Regards, Paul

    Posted: 4 years ago #
  4. Bart


    This functionality should be added to core ASAP. This is what every user and admin wants to have! Makes setting up a new post or page a breeze!

    Posted: 3 years ago #
  5. maxxannik

  6. carkod

    You can do this using Microsoft Word. Write your article in Word and then send to blog. When you publish using this option, images will be automatically uploaded to your server.

    Posted: 2 years ago #
  7. +1 just ran into this issue, WordPress ought to support this without a plugin.

    Posted: 1 month ago #
  8. r0bm1lls


    +1 I agree with Jonathan. We have to keep up with trends. Pasting into content is important and really makes things more productive.

    Posted: 3 weeks ago #
  9. gnarayan

    +1 Paul at OnePress, image elevator works wonderfully in all my posts.

    To be reallllly needy, I'd like to paste screenshots into forum responses and comment boxes.

    (Like this one, ha)

    I'm using TinyMCE Black plugin and their Visual editor plugin on my forum site to get a pretty text box, but WordPress still views this as different than a post.

    What do you think I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks, Greg

    Posted: 2 weeks ago #
  10. This isn't a support thread, it's for ideas to add to core WP. If you need support, please post in the forums :)


    Posted: 2 weeks ago #

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