Add Dashboard option to auto-close EDIT window after hitting UPDATE + VIEW PAGE

  1. Audentes

    SUGGESTION: main reason for the inordinate number of auto-saves, and erroneous saves eliminating text accidentally, is the fact that when you VIEW PAGE after editing, the EDIT window remains open in the background. So, when you again enter EDIT ***from*** the viewed page itself, you open a NEW edit window, unaware the old one is still open and the old one then auto-saves and spoils your new EDIT. I was caught the first time with 14 different edits open all auto-saving bogus versions.

    Please make it so that when you are in EDIT, and you hit VIEW PAGE **** after hitting update**** , Edit closes. And then, you enter the EDIT window afresh if you want to edit again, so there are no auto-saves accumulating in the background.

    P.S. For people who don't want such a feature, perhaps it could be made optional to switch it on or off somewhere in the Dashboard.

    Thank you.

    Posted: 6 years ago #

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