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  1. webtunnel


    I think it'd be better if WordPress included an analytics system of their own. So users can check their website's visitor stats everyday. And please add features like VPN recognition, for example if some user visits to our site using a VPN, then show it. Thanks.

    Posted: 8 months ago #
  2. Did u take a look at google analytics? It is huge. it got a whole backend, alot of reports u can change. U can define even new ones. I think for alot of blogs its a total overkill.

    Posted: 8 months ago #
  3. Yeah that would definitely be convenient. I like using the JetPack plugin for Analytics, as well as making sure the website has Google Analytics setup on it. Jetpack is a convenient way to check daily, weekly, and monthly site traffic without having to leave the site.

    Posted: 8 months ago #
  4. Dico

    It is a good idea, dashboards under WordPress would allow us to follow the traffic of its site.
    On the other hand from the technical point of view, to separate the visitors VPN/BOT of the real users is not a small matter. Besides the bases of detailed IP addresses, a plugin Analytics needs big algorithm on the behavior of the users. I am curious to see if the idea is going to be held and how the plugin will be conceived.

    Posted: 8 months ago #

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